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Parkland Institute - Implementing a Just Transition

Countries around the world are moving forward with the implementation of the transition of their economies to reduce carbon emissions and attempt to slow the impact of the global climate crisis. The Canadian federal government is currently consulting on what should be included in its promised Just Transition Act.
The science is clear and Canadians know the need to transition to a cleaner economy is urgent. To be successful, the transition must involve workers and communities who will be directly impacted. All levels of government need to engage with their citizens in order to ensure environmental, social and economic policies will support a more equitable future for all communities. Canadians need to be trained and well-positioned in order to benefit from the many economic opportunities that will arise as the world builds a low-carbon economy.
We welcome all concerned Canadians who want to learn about and become engaged in the implementation of a just transition — energy workers, community and business leaders, environmental organizations, Indigenous communities, researchers and students. This virtual conference will provide an opportunity to learn how other countries are moving ahead on the implementation of their just transition strategies. It will also be an opportunity to hear from community leaders, researchers and advocates from Alberta and across Canada on the challenges and opportunities for various sectors on the vanguard of this transition.
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Sharlene Oliver at or visit the Parkland Institute website or the conference website.