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The Inventory will be closed from Thursday, November 5th at 4:00 PM to the Sunday, November 15th when Subline reopens at 9:00 AM.
**Please Note** due to COVID-19 ( Health & Safety Concerns) the Art Store Will NOT be able to provide ANY Refunds on ANY Materials. Staff advises students to consult with instructors to ensure proper materials are chosen prior to making a purchase.


Art 134/136/137, Design 135/138, Art & Design Supplementary Kits, Drawing 240/340, Painting 310,


Chinese calligraphy ( goat hair), bristle, Interlon Nylon, Bristle , Gold Sable Rayon, Goat Hair


Pencils, Charcoal( powdered, compressed, pencils, willow), Conte, Pastels, Graphite crayons, Erasers, Portfolio cases, Cutting mats, Sketch tote, Circle templates, Compasses. Protractors


grounds, etching ink, etching plates, relief ink, etching tools, sizing catchers, tarlatan


Rapid Draw, Sennelier China/Coloured Inks, FW Acrylic Inks, Chinese Ink


Litho crayons, Stones Crayons/Tablet Crayons, Korn Litho Pencils/Rubbing Ink Stick/Tusche Stick, Litho inks, Ball ground Litho plate. Carborundum, Cheesecloth, Snake Slip, Sponge.

Acrylic Mediums

Gel mediums, Gloss mediums, Moulding paste, Retarding medium, Acrylic gesso, Clear gesso, Black gesso, MSA Varnishes( gloss, matte, satin)


all gouache is 50% except for C601 Opaque White and C602 Ivory Black. Prices are already adjusted to reflect the change